American Financial Solutions

American Financial Solutions is a division of the North Seattle Community College Foundation, a non-profit organization. this organization is a well known, respected, non-profit 501(c)3 financial education and credit counseling agency that helps clients find debt solutions and change their financial lives for the better. In direct opposition to costly high-interest loans that many debt consolidation companies promote, this organization offers a broad spectrum of education and counseling resources to help consumers with debt management, credit counseling, and personal finance education. In selected states we provide pre-bankruptcy counseling, post-bankruptcy education and student loan counseling. they provide housing and mortgage foreclosure counseling to residents in Washington State.

Credit and housing counselors are certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and the  Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. Counselors must complete additional training and education to maintain their certification each year. Our housing counselors are certified by the Federal Bureau of Housing and Urban Development’s NeighborWorks America program to provide foreclosure and pre-purchase housing counseling.

Non-Profit Credit Counseling and financial education. 

they provide confidential, one-on-one counseling session, with certified credit counselors will help you assess your situation. After counseling they will inform you of debt management options that will allow you to get your finances under control and allow you to pay off your debts, improve your long-term credit standings or resolve other issues you may be facing. There is no charge for our counseling or education services. Charges apply if you choose to enroll in a Debt Management Plan. 

Debt management services

A Debt Management Plan is a way to consolidate your credit card and other unsecured debt payments into one convenient monthly payment that fits within your budget, allowing you to repay debts more quickly over time than you would otherwise be able to do. In helping clients set up a Debt Management Plan, American Financial Solutions will request that your creditors lower your overall interest rates, bring your accounts current and eliminate late and-over-the-limit fees. They create a structured repayment plan that gets you on track to repay all your debts in approximately five years or less. If you choose to enroll in the Debt Management Plan there is a one-time set up fee and monthly maintenance fee which are regulated by your state and non-profit agency guidelines. For more information on the fees in your state please call them.

student loan counselors

Certified student loan counselors will work with you and your loan servicers to ensure the best outcome for your goals. They can help you get out of your student loan debt faster, Free up money for other life goals such as buying a home or a car, Find an affordable repayment plan, Explore student loan forgiveness or cancellation options, or Discover options to stop wage garnishments or tax offsets.

Foreclosure Counseling

Are you facing or worried about potential foreclosure on your home mortgage? If you are behind or anticipate not being able to keep up with your house payments, we can work with you to try and find a debt solution that allows you to keep your home. In a confidential, one-on-one counseling session, our housing counselors will help you assess your situation – with respect to your home mortgage and other outstanding debt, inform you of options and work directly with your lender to try to find a debt solution that you can live with. Mortgage credit counseling sessions are offered free of charge. Housing counseling services are also available in Spanish.

Counseling Before Bankruptcy

Your counselor will provide you with a broad overview of the federal bankruptcy law; however, counselors may not offer you legal advice.  The key purpose of bankruptcy counseling is to develop a picture of your current financial situation.  This will give you the knowledge you need to determine if there are options other than bankruptcy to eliminate your debts in a reasonable time period while maintaining a balanced budget. This counseling will also get you started on building a financial plan for your future.

There are two ways to receive counseling:

On Line: Complete your counseling on line. Sign Up Below (The fee for on line counseling is $30, which includes the cost of generating the certificate)

By Phone: Call 800-894-7240 and speak with one of our certified counselors who will conduct an in depth counseling session. This session will take about an hour and you will receive your certificate upon completion of the session. (The fee for telephone counseling is $50, which includes the cost of generating the certificate) 

What is the Cost for the Counseling Session?

  • $30 if you use the Agency's Online Bankruptcy Counseling module.
  • $50 if you wish to have a Telephone or In-Person counseling session
  • A debit card or money order is the only acceptable form of payment. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted
  • There are no additional charges for a married couple filing jointly if both parties participate in the same counseling session. If you choose to complete the counseling in separate sessions, each person is charged individually.

In limited circumstances, you may be eligible to have this fee waived if your income is less than 150% of the Federal poverty guidelines updated periodically by the US Department of Health and Human Services.   If you believe you may qualify to have the fee waived, contact us toll-free at 1-800-894-7240. They will require you to provide them  with income verification. Counseling is offered regardless of the participant's ability to pay.

Pre-Purchase Counseling & Loan Document Review Counseling

housing counseling is available to clients in Washington State to help them make smart choices as they prepare to purchase a home.  In confidential, one-on-one counseling sessions, certified housing counselors will help you assess your current income and assets, versus your monthly expenses and debts.  Counseling is available in both English and Spanish.  Housing Counselors now offer loan document review services for High-Cost Mortgages when Lender’s require a Certificate of Counseling, as well as, Refinancing.  This is a valuable service to homeowners seeking assistance to understand Fair Lending and Affordability topics. Working with a Housing Counselor will help you gain a better understanding of how to review your loan documents and the costs of the new loan you are entering into.  


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All of the information provided on this page comes including logo comes from the American Financial Solutions website & Wikipedia.