409 Wood Pl, Everett, WA 98203, USA

Toll free Burned Survivor Support Line:

1-800-799-BURN (2876)

link to request services form:


Burned Children Recovery Foundation

This organization provides counseling and financial aid to the family and also offer our two recovery programs to the children and their family. Phoenix House is a 10 bed recovery center for recluse and high trauma children struggling in their recovery. Camp Phoenix is the National Burned Children's Recovery Camp for burned children. Attending both programs is an important step to the recovery of the child.

Burns are one of the most painful injuries to recover from. They offer support and encouragement during and after hospitalization. 


  • Counseling / Back to school program
  • Transportation to Hospitals / Lodging
  • Burn survivor support line: (800) 799-BURN
  • Phoenix House recovery facility
  • Clothing and make up
  • Camp and airfare cost
  • Sport or hobby costs (baseball, dance, BMX, etc)
  • Vocational Training


They offer a support group for burn survivors and their families to talk about the many problems a burn survivor must overcome such as public reaction to burn scars & parent-child interaction.