Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Clearpoint provides consumers with budget, credit, debt, and housing advice. This is 501(c)(3) that helps consumers identify the causes of their individual financial concerns and make a plan to address them. Services are available nationally by phone and Internet and via face-to-face counseling at one of over 40 branch locations across the country. Clearpoint offers a range of tools, calculators, quizzes, e-books and videos at, as well as a full suite of interactive online modules at Clearpoint U. The counseling model is based on teaching consumers how to manage their money better and giving them the solutions to their individual problems. 

Credit counselors and outreach team help consumers identify and resolve their financial concerns through budgeting, an understanding of credit, learning how to set financial goals, prioritizing debt repayments and making the most effective financial choices. They offer workshops on these topics and have strategic partnerships with area banks, credit unions and businesses to help assure that consumers’ personal finance education needs are met.

Budget and Credit Counseling

Free budget and credit counseling sessions provide clients with the opportunity to work with a certified credit counselor and create an action plan for your financial future. Clients receive personalized advice geared toward your specific situation. Learn More »

Debt Management Program (DMP)

The Debt Management Program is a structured repayment plan that helps you pay off your unsecured debts more easily. Often, it comes with the added benefits of lower interest rates and waived fees. Learn More »

Housing Programs

Clearpoint offers housing programs that can help with a variety of situations, from buying your first house to helping you retain your home in times of crisis. Counselors are a proven resource for anyone looking to improve the stability of their housing situation. Learn More »

Bankruptcy Education

The Bankruptcy Counseling and Education programs allow you to fulfill the requirements set forth by bankruptcy law and give you access to a certified credit counselor. Learn More »

Student Loan Counseling

 A student loan counseling session gives clients the opportunity to discuss options with a counselor who will give personalized recommendations about the repayment programs clients might qualify for, along with other suggestions to make the debt more manageable. Learn More »

Military Reconnect

When soldiers return home and to the “real world” of daily life, it can be difficult to truly reconnect with relationships and establish themselves financially. This program is geared toward helping members of the military and veterans re-establish themselves and achieve financial stability. Learn More »

Education Seminars

We offer presentations on a wide variety of topics and would be happy to speak with your group or organization. Read more about the specifics of our seminars and choose the one that’s right for you. Learn More »

More Information

Although some of Clearpoint’s services require a fee, the majority of the counseling and education services are free of charge. For more detailed information on our services and fees associated, please refer to Clearpoint's list of service fees.

If you are unsure about whether Clearpoint can assist you with your financial situation, please email our Customer Service Department or call 800.750.2227 (CCCS).


Seattle Branch
6100 219th St S.W.
Ste. 480
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043                          Located in the Redstone Corporate Center.

Phone: (206) 729-5006

Office Hours: Office hours vary by location. For our local branches, please be sure to call ahead for specific hours of operation.

Call Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions at 800.750.2227.

Customer Service Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. ET
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET
Sunday – CLOSED

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