Helping to Connect People with Services


The purpose of this website is to connect people with social services, non-profit organizations, and related resources in the city of Everett, Washington and online. Our goal is to enable site visitors to access relevant services easily and efficiently. Our Index focuses on key areas of need particular to Everett: access to nutrition, homeless prevention services, work opportunities, recovery and mental health services, legal aid and more.

Because there is a major lack of informational guidance, Everett Helplink is attempting to bridge the critical information gaps between at-risk populations and resources. This site is designed to assist both those in need of social services and service providers by providing: an exhaustive list of services, accurate description pages of each available resource, and the current operating information, all organized by resource category and service type. Furthermore, service description pages will include background information on processes for accessing services (such as relevant transit information). Where possible, featured service providers have been consulted to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, that it meets the specifications of each organization, and that the organizations are aware of this resource.

The site creators intend for this site to become a community resource and invite feedback. 




Read our capstone project report that provided the foundation of Everett  

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