Khan Academy

Khan Academy is free non-profit educational online resource offers that offers impressive depth on a wide range of subjects. This website produces short lectures in the form of YouTube videos some created in partnerships with post secondary schools and curated from around the web, The videos show a recording of drawings on an electronic blackboard, the narrator describes each drawing and how they relate to the material being taught. This website includes supplementary practice exercises and tools for educators. The Khan Academy features content mainly in English, but also has content available in Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Bengali and Hindi. The Khan Academy website has a well organized interface that is easy to use, and intuitive. 

U.S. K-12 students will find math programs ranging from kindergarten to differential calculus, juniors and seniors will benefit from the site's exhaustive college admissions and test-prep resources, and adult learners will delight in partner content from the Museum of Modern Art, Brookings Institute, and NASA. No account necessary to start learning. Helpful tutorials paired with large database of machine-graded assessments.  You can search for tutorials by topic and save videos to Your List for offline viewing. Progress is synced across your account, so if you start a lecture on your computer you can continue it on your phone. Impressive college and test-prep resources. Generous language support and video subtitles. The scratchpad feature enables learners to have the ability to write notes anywhere on the page, including directly onto problems, Moreover, if you get stuck, you can watch a short tutorial wherein Sal Khan (who else?) solves the problem At times video markup can be problematic. Assessment is impressive in scale but not suited to every subject, The catalog of courses has some gaps. 

Some very useful courses 

The Khan Academy offers pretty good coding lessons, programming classes teach you languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript for creating websites or designing games. Computer Science lessons cover topics like data encryption and information theory. The Hour of Code tutorials are especially convenient since the lessons are one-hour chunks. 

The test prep assessments are an extremely useful resource for potential college students. The College Admissions section that includes tutorials on standardized testing, extra-curricular activities, admissions essays, and school selection (e.g. comparing vocations, two-year, and four-year schools), Khan Academy offers specialized resources for each of the major standardized tests like the SAT program that includes a test overview, a downloadable full-length practice test, online exercises, and tutorials for Math and Reading and Writing.

All of the information provided on this page comes including logo comes from the Khan Academy website,, and Wikipedia.