This is an online personal finance tool that provides free tools for tracking expenses and income, spending trends, analyzing credit card debt repayment options and determining financial goals, and budgeting money. It's a great solution if you also happen to be on the hunt for a personal financial planner. All of the tools for budgeting money and tracking expenses are accompanied by information to improve users financial literacy. Its Web app is similar to Mint.com. The free account allows users the option of authorizing LearnVest to pull in line-item details from financial accounts to everything from credit cards to checking accounts. LearnVest then tracks spending and income, showing trends over time, and helps users create budgets to better manage money. LearnVest offers to connect users with a financial planner, though that service has a sign-up fee and monthly subscription. A few other features in LearnVest are reserved for paying members only. There's a $299 setup charge, and then a $19-per-month fee for the services. For that price, user will get a financial planner with whom they can discuss the details of there financial matters. Then financial planner helps users to create online LearnVest profile. LearnVest says that its financial planners do not manage assets, place trades, or make specific investment recommendations, although they do work with you to determine strategies for growing and saving your money based on your goals. 

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