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Microsoft Imagine Academy

The Washington State Library Microsoft Imagine Academy provides free, online, self-paced technology courses for all Washington residents. Courses are available at three levels - basic digital literacy skills, Microsoft Office Skills and advanced skills for Microsoft professional certification. Access to the Imagine Academy is available through local public, tribal, and community/technical college libraries, and through the State Library’s Central Library; most provide access to the 500+ online, self-paced courses, with 20 languages supported, through their websites.  Courses range from digital literacy, Microsoft applications, computer science, and IT infrastructure.  Selected libraries and community/technical colleges also offer free or discounted Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

In partnership with Microsoft, the Washington State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State received special Legislative appropriation to fund a statewide subscription to the Microsoft Imagine Academy, with access through state residents’ local public, tribal, and community and technical college libraries, and the Washington State Library. For more about this partnership, please visit the Microsoft Imagine Academy project page.

The Microsoft IT Academy offers world class curriculum for a wide variety of courses on Microsoft technology in over 18 languages. The courses listed below are only a sample of what’s available. Once connected you can search the entire course library so don’t overlook this opportunity, get started today!

Some of the courses offered

Digital Literacy 

  • Digital Literacy - Writing a Great Resume 
  • Digital Literacy - The Internet and the World Wide Web 
  • Digital Literacy - Computer Basics

Office Microsoft Office Web Apps Essentials Office 2010, 2013 

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010+2013

Windows 

  • Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop Essentials 
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Start Screen Essentials 
  • Deploying Windows 7 by Using Windows Deployment Services


  • Partners in Learning: How do Technology and Pedagogy Mix? 
  • Partners in Learning: Technology Literacy and Your Professional Development

Server / SQL 

  • Configuring Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Reviewing Virtualization Technologies for the Desktop 
  • Intermediate Skills Training in Microsoft® Visio® 2010 
  • Sharing and Working with Teams Using Microsoft Office 365 
  • Introduction to Virtualization of Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Implementing a Service Broker Solution in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Visual Studio 

  • C# and the .NET Framework 
  • Web Application Architecture and Design 
  • Creating and Adding Functionality to a Microsoft® ASP.NET Web Form
  • Introduction to Microsoft® ASP.NET Web Applications SharePoint
  • What's New in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for IT Professionals 
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Essentials 
  • Creating Business Connectivity Services Solutions in Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Developing Web Parts for Accessing Microsoft SharePoint 2010

First You will need a Microsoft Account

You will need a Microsoft Account to use the Microsoft Imagine Academy. Any email address ending with,, and is a Microsoft account. If you do not have a Microsoft Account, create one using the Microsoft Account Sign-up page. You may use an existing email address as the username for your Microsoft account. To complete the account sign-up process, you will be asked to verify your email address. To access the Microsoft Imagine Academy, you will need a Microsoft account and the FIRST TIME you access the site, an enrollment code or link from a participating Washington library. After accessing the site the first time, RETURNING USERS can go directly to the Microsoft Imagine Academy site. You may find it helpful to bookmark the Microsoft Imagine Academy homepage.

If you don’t have a library card, or live in an area without library service, you may access the Microsoft Imagine Academy by completing the form (webpage linked below. Once at the Imagine Academy site, it may take a few moments for the Access code field to populate; once that happens, enter your email address and click Submit. Follow the prompts to accept the Terms of Use and your User Profile.


All of the information provided on this page and logo comes from the Washington State Library website.