This is a free app that enables users to join all financial accounts and secure them in one place so that users can keep track of spending, get bill reminders, receive free credit scores, develop  a budget, receive personalized pointers on saving money and avoiding fees. Mint can connect to Almost every US financial institution. Mint makes it easy to link your online bank account and offers security via a 256-bit encryption level. Mint also has a feature that enables users to separate a single expense into different categories; for example, if you go to the supermarket and buy groceries and some oil for your car, you can put the groceries in a “home supply” category and the oil in “automotive.” Even users have both expenses on the same receipt, users can still monitor them individually.

Stay up-to-date as it happens

Mint automatically updates and categorizes a users information. From bank accounts and credit cards to retirement accounts and more.

Custom tips and savings

Because Mint helps you watch/manage your money; Mint will also help you find savings along the way. Mint analyzes thousands of checking, savings, credit card, brokerage, CD and IRA rollover offers—then makes recommendations that could help save you the most based on your lifestyle and goals.

Mint is completely free. It makes money: by showing users relevant ads for financial services. Mint sees the interest rates on users current accounts and suggests services that have a better rate. 

All of the information provided on this page comes including logo comes from the Mint website,, and Wikipedia.