Washington HealthPlanFinder

Washington Healthplanfinder is the official Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) health benefit exchange for Washington State. If you need coverage visit the WA health plan finder website or contact the Toll-free support number to get a plan now. You can apply for free or low-cost coverage year-round. Washington Apple Health is available year-round or certain life changes may qualify you for a special enrollment period.  Individuals can apply for open services on the Washington HealthPlanFinder.

As of last summer, out of period special enrollment applicants will be subject to an additional verification review process, this will hold up the applicants insurance coverage until proper documentation is provided. If you need coverage contact the Toll-free support number to the right find out if you can get a plan now.

As of 2019

Consumers can use Smart Planfinder to compare health and dental plans to see which options best fit needs and budget. Consumers may qualify for additional financial help. 

Consumers who want to sign up for an ACA plan with the same insurer for 2019 would have to repay all past-due premiums from the previous 12 months before new coverage is granted. 

For In-person help

Clients can create a HealthPlanFinder account to message local Navigators, or HealthPlanFinder experts, with a request for assistance. Further information for contacting Navigator services is available online.

Typically, clients that qualify for Washington health plan finder coverage by meeting the above  Modified adjusted gross income plan requirements after the completion of there new application/renewal and selection of insurance plan, will have the option to transfer there application information to the state web application for food stamps. 

Toll-free support is available at 1-855-923-4633; TTY 1-855-627-9604. Language assistance and disability accommodations are provided at no cost. 

For Same Day ACA Enrollment Consumers can go to the location below: 

Metro Seattle Office
Located next to Metro's Customer Service office on Jackson.

201 S. Jackson, Seattle, WA 98104

  • Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Saturdays, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Assistance available in English and Spanish

For other registration locations please go to website linked below: 


All of the information provided on this page comes including logo comes from the Washington HealthPlanFinder website. (Updated April 17, 2018)