Pregnancy Aid

This is organization claims to be non-sectarian (religious) social service agency that provides immediate confidential help to any woman, married or unmarried and her family. Breastfeeding peer counselor program is available.

Please note: as far as we're able to tell this organization is an antiabortion charity. As such the pro-choice views at this organization may interfere or influence the advice they give to expecting mothers. 

Free maternity & baby clothing

This organization provides clean, gently used maternity, baby and infant clothing for mothers and families. The clothing is clean, wearable and is sorted by size and bundled into "packs" for the parent to choose.  Each pack contains 18-24 items and is age appropriate for the children. The parents may also choose items in addition to the bundled pack of clothing. This can include - shoes, jackets, coats, toys, books and videos. 

Car Seat

Pregnancy Aid provides free (always new) car seats to any client in need providing they meet the requirements. They require that the family has their own car with a valid registration, valid insurance and the driver has a valid operator's license. Proof of these items will need to be shown at the time the car seat is received. They currently have a waiting list, but they do try to get infant seats to the families at least two weeks prior to delivery. 
We provide rear-facing infant seats that fit a child from 4 pounds through 22 pounds & rear or forward facing transitional seats that fit a child from 5 pounds to 50 pounds

Physical Address:

3202 Hoyt Avenue
Everett, Washington 98201

Phone: (425) 252-6444

Angel Metcalf, Executive Director
Kathy Taylor, Volunteer

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1317 Everett, Washington 98206

Monday    9AM–12PM, 1–3PM
Tuesday    9AM–12PM, 1–3PM
Wednesday    9AM–12PM, 1–3PM

Thursday    9AM–12PM, 1–3PM
Friday    9AM–12PM, 1–3PM
Saturday    Closed
Sunday    Closed


All of the information provided on this page comes from the Pregnancy Aid website.