Safeway Eating Healthy with Diabetes

Safeway offers Free in-store Grocery Store Tours Led by the Pharmacist and a local Registered Dietitian to enhance customers diabetes care plan with education and tools about the foods you eat every day.

Tour begin March 2017. Ask your local Safeway pharmacist for details, Call 1-877-728-6655 or go online to register. 

Food solutions made easier

The program begins with a Registered Dietitian leading a guided walking tour of our store including produce, meat, and other areas. During the tour you’ll learn about

  • Carb counting, types of fat
  • Fiber, free foods
  • Reading food labels
  • Mindful eating

The Pharmacist wraps up the tour with information about glucose meters, group classes, vaccinations, injecting techniques, A1c testing and other services available for people with diabetes.