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Seattle Education Access

This organization serves any low-income person under the age of 30 no matter the legal issues, parenting status, sexual orientation or immigration status. They offer a FREE, welcoming, non-judgmental approach to helping young people living in poverty get the education they need to thrive. Seattle Education Access assists marginalized youth and young adults in gaining entry into colleges and completing degrees. They provide them with the resources they need to transition successfully to college, in order to finish their educations, leave poverty behind, and contribute to society.


college prep program

The College Prep Program, helps youth prepare for higher education and meaningful employment. Staff members work with each student to create a career and academic achievement plan tailored to their gifts and goals. About half of students choose a vocational or technical track and the other half choose an academic or professional track. The goal is to have each student start an appropriate post-secondary program of study with the resources and skills they need to succeed.

college success program

After helping youth enroll in college, SEA offers ongoing support throughout their college career until they graduate and transition successfully to the workforce. The College Success Program provides community support by offering retention services designed to maximize graduation rates. One of the most commonly provided services to students is assistance with the transfer process when they complete their AA or AS degrees and move on to four-year universities. The program now also has had the privilege of helping former students apply to graduate school.

SEA awards financial scholarships to students enrolled in the College Success Program for tuition, textbooks, bus passes, and other basic needs to supplement financial aid so students have enough money to afford safe and stable housing. Students apply for scholarships through SEA by submitting an application form, personal essay, and a budget showing their financial need. Community volunteers serving on our Scholarship Review Committee set scholarship policy, interview candidates, and award scholarships three times per year for fall, winter, and spring quarters.


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