Snohomish County Head Start & Early Head Start office
14 E. Casino Rd., Bldg B
Everett, WA 98208
Phone: (425) 712-9000
Fax: (425) 290-3693

South Everett
Centerwood Apartments
712 Center Road, Building AA, Everett, WA 98204

Tomorrow's Hope (partner child care center)
5910 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203

Snohomish County Head Start 

Snohomish County Head Start and Early Head Start is a free, federally funded program that provides comprehensive child development, early learning and parent support services to low-income families with children from birth to five years old.  The service focus is:

  • To enhance children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development

  • To strengthen parents’ self-sufficiency and parenting skills

  • To impact the service community


Head Start is a federally funded program providing services to families who qualify as low income and have children aged birth to five years. The three programs offered consist of:

part-day/part-year preschool for children aged three to five

Parents are offered a choice of a morning or an afternoon class at one of the centers closest to their home, work, or childcare. This program runs Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays and breaks) from September through June every year. They do not provide transportation services to centers. Most of the classes in the Head Start part-day preschool program are three and a half hours long. Children enjoy activities based on a planned curriculum with individualized attention and lessons that meet their specific learning goals. They also serve breakfast and lunch (for the morning classes) and lunch and a snack (for the afternoon classes).

a year-round preschool in childcare centers for children aged three to five, and older

If your child is enrolled in one in of the partner childcare centers, you may be eligible for our Head Start full day preschool program. This program is also for children aged three to five, but it runs a full day, Monday through Friday, all year round. Children receive the same services as in our part-day program. Since they are enrolled in a full time childcare/preschool center, they also receive a rest period during the day and additional wrap-around (early morning and late afternoon) activities provided by the partner childcare center. Each classroom has a Parent Services Specialist who works with your family to develop and meet individual family goals. 

a home-based program for children from birth to three years old

Early Head Start program is designed for families with children from newborn to three years old. Each family is assigned a Parent Mentor, who visits your home once a week, all year round. During weekly home visits the Parent Mentor will set and work toward goals for the parent, family, and child. Parent Mentor will help develop activities to do with children that will enhance development in all areas. In addition to weekly home visits, Early Head Start families who share the same Parent Mentor also get together twice a month at one of our centers as a group. At Group Socialization events, families participate in activities with their Parent Mentor and children. 

Application & process

To begin the enrollment process for any of the programs clients will need to complete an application. Applications can be download but you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the enrollment applications. You may also pick one up at one of the sites, or you can request one be mailed to you by calling Head Start at 425-712-9000 or emailing at

There are several ways to qualify:

  • Income – your income is at or below the federal poverty guidelines based on your family size

  • Public Assistance – your family receives SSI, TANF cash grant, or child care assistance from DSHS

  • Foster child – a foster child is automatically income-eligible

  • Homeless - a homeless family is automatically income-eligible

With completed applications, they will also need:

  • Proof of family income - can be a current check stub with year-to-date totals, the most recent copy of your federal income tax return, or a letter from your employer, a DSHS award letter, or a SSI award letter

  • Proof of child's date of birth – can be a medical coupon, birth certificate, visa, or passport

If you would like to enroll more than one child, please submit a separate application for each child.


All of the information provided on this page comes from the Snohomish County Head Start website & the banner image above is from google maps.