The resources and services listed below provide an excellent starting place. Linked here are federally funded agencies that provide access to multiple resources, as well as agency locations where potential clients can obtain a formal picture ID.

Please be advised: the Everett Social Services listed in the Everett Helplink index do not constitute an endorsement by our website, nor are they a guarantee of the services listed on those pages.

The North Sound 2-1-1 service provides a one-stop social service entry point, eligibility screening and referral service for a wide range of services, including job training, food, shelter, and support groups. Many Everett-area services require that potential service users call 2-1-1 and complete a telephone screening process. This site will indicate when an organization or service provider requires a 2-1-1 facilitated entry; see contact information in an organization or service's description pages.

The Everett Public Library serves residents of Everett, Snohomish, and Island County. There are two branch locations. The library has free public access computers and free WiFi access. Users can take free computer classes and attend free Affordable Care Act Help Sessions.

This agency provides economic support to low-income people in oder to help them meet their basic needs through cash grants, food, and medical assistance, employment-focused services, and subsidized child care. Major programs include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), WorkFirst (Washington’s Welfare to Work program), Basic Food (formerly the Food Stamp Program), Aged, Blind, or Disabled, Pregnant Women’s Assistance, Refugee Cash Assistance, Working Connections Child Care, and medical assistance.

To access many of the services listed in this index, individuals will need to present a valid picture ID. For a first-time drivers license or ID card, clients must go into a physical DMV office. The local Everett licensing office does not require appointments. 

To access many of the services listed in this index, individuals will need a Social Security card. The social security office in Everett offers information and services as directed by the Social Security Administration.  

The Verdant Community Wellness Center hosts a North Sound 2-1-1 Community Resource Advocate who is available to meet one-on-one with community members who need information and referrals to basic need programs. It also hosts free or low-cost classes, workshops, speakers, and meetings that support the well-being of the community

The Veterans' Assistance Fund is provides limited emergency assistance to eligible veterans and dependents in Snohomish County. This includes emergency financial assistance for honorably discharged veterans, veterans' widows, and qualified dependents.

Other helpful indexes

This website offers a more comprehensive index of state services for family resources than the Everett HelpLink. ResourceFinder specializes in: in-home family and pregnancy support, birth and breastfeeding resources, low-cost clinics and immunizations, and parenting classes.

LiveWellLocal™ is a web resource that connects users with a wide range of local assets that support and enhance the quality of life for you, your family and your community in Snohomish County.