The Handup Project

The Handup Project is an advocacy group for the homeless and those who suffer from addiction serving the Snohomish area. They are a resource facilitator for safe housing, detox, mental health support, addiction support, community service and charitable donations. This organization works closely with Safe Baby Safe Mom, Hand in Hand, Trinity Lutheran Church, and many many more.

Phone Robert Smiley: (425) 971-1774

The Basic mission. Helping men and woman with a hand up to get themselves to a place of sobriety and self sufficiency. They will offer assistance in:

  • Getting off the streets, Getting a meal
  • Getting a shower, Clean clothes, Clean safe bed
  • Enrolling in insurance programs, Enrolling in SNAP programs
  • Enrolling in detox and treatment programs
  • Child care to insure employment security
  • Employment services, Criminal past assistance

Once the client has been medically cleared from the hospital they can come to THUP.

If they struggle with addiction issues we assist in finding them a bed at a treatment facility. Once they complete their treatment program they can return to THUP for a two year program.

  • They are assigned a bed and a roommate.
  • They are fed 3x per day
  • They then participate in the daily spiritual fitness program.

The daily spiritual fitness program includes but not limited to:

  • Meditation and Gentle exercise and yoga
  • Gardening and Volunteering in the community
  • Daily meetings with case workers and mentors
  • Daily AA meetings as well as One on one meetings with sponsors
  • Employment training programs
  • And special services depending on personal needs.

Each client will have a personal profile kept. A caseworker would determine a living plan for the client. The goal is after a two year maximum stay the clients are in a place of well being enough to have an income and a safe place to live off the streets. Thup will work closely with outside organizations that house the mentally ill to keep them off the streets for good. To insure the safety and success of the residence the clients will undergo regular drug screenings and evaluations with a zero tolerance policy. The clients will have to agree to participate to the best of their ability in the spiritual fitness program.

All of the information provided on this page and logo comes from the Handup Project website.