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United Way of Snohomish County 

We live in an incredibly prosperous and caring community, yet many of our neighbors are at risk of never truly escaping poverty. More than 10% of all people in SnohomishCounty fall below the Federal Poverty Level and, for children, this number is even higher. But the Federal Poverty Level doesn't tell the whole story about hardship in our community. When factoring in those on the edge, 1/3 of households in Snohomish County are struggling to make ends meet.

United Way is partnering with the community in new ways to help rewrite the story for individuals and families today and build a solid foundation for their future success. We believe the power of community can help individuals and families find pathways out of poverty, but the only way we can accomplish this is by all working together with common goals.

Volunteer Prepared Taxes
UWSC North Everett

 17 JAN 2017 - 15 APR 2017    
TUE    5:30PM    -    7:45PM
THU    5:30PM    -    7:45PM
SAT    10:00AM    -    2:15PM
English & Spanish    Not Required

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