YNAB stands for You Need a Budget, The service Costs: $5 per month, or $50 per year to use, and there is a 34-day free trial. For students it is free for 12 months. This service is built on a philosophy of financial responsibility, this online app helps you learn about personal finance while getting your spending on track. The software encourages users to think ahead for their expenses, break them down month-by-month, and live off of money you earned at least 30 days ago. 

How it Works

On the surface, YNAB looks like a very traditional budgeting software. You enter your categories, track your spending, and adjust if you go over or under on certain categories. YNAB connects directly to your financial accounts to pull in account balances and other information in real time. It also provides a lot of educational material, both tutorial and philosophical in nature. On the other hand, can take quite a bit of time to learn to use, and it costs $5 per month to use. While $5 per month isn't so expensive Mint, is totally free. Still, if you want a more traditional method of budgeting that's different from what Mint offers, then YNAB is an excellent choice. In fact, it makes a good adjunct to Mint, for those who are really serious about getting control of their finances.

YNAB does not offer a multifactor authentication option, Mint does. what is nice is the ability to n use YNAB without ever connecting to any financial accounts as it supports manual entry. Tutorials and pop-up help windows introduce you to the basic concepts used by YNAB. The idea is to balance your budget, making sure that necessary expenses are met and you aren't overspending in any category. YNAB offers a lot of help, but reading through the text and watching videos takes time. A checklist to the left suggests a few ways to get started. Completing the checklist is easy.

All of the information provided on this page comes including logo comes from the YNAB website, pcmag.com, and Wikipedia.